The Construction Manager Job Description

The key responsibility of a construction manager is to ensure the success and proper transition of construction plans and its development indicators according to engineering, architecture and infrastructure requirements.

Among the details that would include in his responsibilities are: To make sure that supplies and construction overlay are chronicled and accounted for by the proper channels according to consumption and deployment plan; Utilize proper manpower resource to maintain a streamlined construction schedule; ensure that the proper safety and quality control mechanisms are laid out as per the recommendation of safety engineers and inspectors. Coordinate completion of the project with corporate and industrial partners to ensure the success and schedule adherence for both infrastructure and manpower.

He will manage schedule and logistics in accordance to mapped construction timelines and deadlines for infrastructure milestones. He is also responsible for labour requirements and proper personnel dispatch mechanisms for designated construction areas. They may report to a safety engineer or coordinate in terms of inspection and compliance monitoring for building and safety codes as well as municipal regulations.

The construction manager acts as a communications liaison, providing details and plan interpretation for contract terms and construction implementation to developers, clients and partners. As a construction manager you will be in charge of contract revision, addendums and memoranda for architects, suppliers, subcontractors and associated faction related to the construction project.

He directly handles shipment and supply requisition in the event of a stock shortage, managing partnerships with construction supply firms and distributors to ensure a smooth changeover and open channels.